Video production.

Studio «AVISUAL» — professional video shooting in Florida and throughout the United States.

For the 7th year we have been creating a video product of various types and formats.

Our strengths:

  • We are pedants.
  • We hear you. We generate and offer new ideas.
  • Good artistic taste.
  • Great experience at work.
  • Thanks to experience, a large team and a creative approach, we work in several styles tailored to a specific customer: reportage, cinematography, clip art, storytelling, traditional.

Professional video creation

In addition to working in the advertising industry, we also work on the creation of such types of work as:

  • Presentation films
  • Live broadcasts
  • Music videos
  • Food video Production
  • Videos for social networks
  • Corporate films
  • Screensavers, animated logos, infographics
  • Video review or video case
  • Image film