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Video filming of a commercial. Filming commercials in the United States of America

Our production completed an order for the Beer and Non-Alcoholic Plant. Driven work, worked like a big team. We hope that the result shows this.

Video filming of advertising is something that more and more falls on our shoulders. People want to order advertising video, and we want to do it well for ourselves and ideally for our customers, to give a little more than expected from us, and we really like it!

Watch the backstage video, you can catch the fire that hovered on the set ))

We also want to note that our Studio «Avisual» in addition to professional video filming in Miami works in other cities of Florida, as well as beyond its borders!
The studio performs such types of work as:
▶ съемка рекламных продающих роликов
▶ съемка видео-отчетов о мероприятиях
▶ отчетная видеосъемка конференций, конгрессов
▶ ведение ВЛОГа для вашего канала на Yutube под ключ (контент, контекстная реклама, соц.сети)
▶ видеосъемка музыкальных клипов
▶ видеосъемка корпоративных фильмов
▶ видеосъемка презентационных роликов для Вашего сайта
▶ съемка видеороликов, адаптированных для Instagram
▶ аэросъемка
▶ рекламная видеосъемка Мадрид Барселона Валенсия

So if you need video production in your city, please contact us!

Well, enjoy watching:

So what do you think? ) If you want your company to be represented by a quality video — welcome! Just give us a call and let’s discuss how we can work together 😉